As many as 2,000 notable country houses have been lost in England - this website is a memorial to those vanished country houses. It lists all the significant houses known to have been demolished, destroyed or are now just ruins and also to provide history and photos on individual properties where possible. Hopefully this will ensure that these great houses are not forgotten and inspire you to help save the ones under threat even today.

For information on Scotland: Scotland's Lost Country Houses
For images and information on ruined houses in Wales: Paul White Photography
A comprehensive listing of country houses, both extant, ruined and lost in west Ireland: NUI Galway - Landed Estates Database
For images and information on ruined houses throughout the Republic of Ireland: Abandoned Ireland
For detailed information on Ireland and Wales: The Dicamillo Country House Companion

Interested in the UK country houses today?

Keep up to date with news and comment on the many stunning country houses we do still have in the UK by reading the only blog dedicated to them: 'The Country Seat'

Appeal for help

If you have any information (history, photos, pictures etc) about any of the houses listed, or if there is a house you think should be included, please contact me. I am especially keen to fill in the gaps such as missing dates for when a house was demolished and where there are no known photos/images. Perhaps your family owned one of these properties and would like to share your memories, or you know of a local history group I could contact, or perhaps you know someone who was involved in the demolition. I will, of course, credit the supplier of the information and return any materials borrowed.

I am also keen to buy (or accept kind donations of...) any pictures of lost houses - especially original photos but also postcards. If you can help with any of the above, please feel free to contact me.

Legal stuff

This website and the research it represents are my hobby. I make no money from this site. Many of the pictures I have used are from my own collection. Where I have used an image from another source I aim to credit it wherever possible. If you see something on here which you believe to be copyright please contact me. I am more than happy to rectify any omissions or oversights. Much as I try and ensure that all information is correct there may be errors so please ensure that you verify any information if you are relying on it for anything important.

If you wish to use any of my images or the information please give full credit and include a link to as: 'Lost Heritage - Demolished Country Houses of England'